What times can you walk my dog(s) or do cat care?
-The available walk times are as follows:
   -Wake Up Walk: 8am-10am ($5 fee each day)
   -Morning Walk: 10am-12pm or 11am-1pm
   -Mid-Day Walk: 12pm-2pm or 1-3pm
   -Afternoon Walk: 2pm-4pm or 3-5pm
   -Dinner Walk: after 5pm ($5 fee each day)

What are your holiday hours, weekend rates and closure policies?

-If the government is closed, then Jenuine Pet Care Corp will also be closed. Whether it be a federal holiday or government closure due to weather.
-If you wish to have a walk or cat care done on any of the following days when Jenuine Pet Care is closed, it will be $15 extra per day. 
-If you wish to have a walk or cat care done on the weekend there will be a fee of $5 extra per day.


How do I know when you have walked my dog/provided cat care?
-At your preference, we will send you either an e-mail (from jen@jenuinepetcare.com) or send you a text message. We will also include a picture of your loved one (time stamp included if you wish).

What happens during the Meet and Greet?
-For every new client we will have one meet and greet free of charge. This is where the walker will meet the owner and dog(s) or cat(s) they will be taking care of. Every client must provide two sets of keys or means of access to their house. The second key will be used as an emergency back-up key. Upon termination of service, all attempts will be made to return the keys back to you. This may be done in person or mailed, whichever the client prefers.
-If the client moves and a second meet and greet must be done, there will be a $15 one time fee.

What is your cancellation policy?
-The client may cancel a walk or cat care up until 8am the day of the walk or cat care and get a full refund (if past the 4 free day mark/if requested payment back), if the client cancels after 8am 50% of the walk or cat care price will be charged.

-The client may cancel 24 hours before an overnight and get a full refund, if less than 24 hours 50% of the overnight will be charged. 

Are you license, bonded and insured?
-Yes, we are licensed (our SCC ID is 08079048), bonded and insured.  

-Policy number: JN1206

-Certificate number: PCI17542 

When is payment due and will there be a late fee?
-Payment is due on or before the first day of service. Invoice reminders will be sent out a week before payment is due. Payment can be in form of a check made out to Jenuine Pet Care, Venmo @jenuinem, Cash App $jenuinem, Zelle 7036260587, Apple Pay or cash. A late fee of 10% will be charged 5 business days after payment is due.
-Receipts will be provided for each payment for your records (if you wish).