As shown above, normal walks/visits are done Monday-Friday between 10am and 5pm, anything needed before or after that time frame is $5 extra. Monthly packages include 4 free walks/visits in case you needed to cancel a day or two, it would not affect the price. If you pay per walk/visit and you cancel a day, we can use that paid walk/visit for another day or make a walk/visit longer. 
If you need a walk or visit during the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) it will be $5 extra.

Overnight Stays:

It is $5 extra per night if you have two or more dogs. It is $3 extra per night if you have two or more cats. A sitter will be there a couple hours after you leave and they will leave a few hours before you come home. The sitter will only be gone during the week days for a few hours a day due to other walks in the area. Overnights come with an evening, night and morning 20-minute walk (depending upon what time the sitter comes/goes). However, we will try our best to do the schedule your loved ones are used to (if that means more walks or longer walks). While the sitter is staying overnight they can collect any mail/packages that come, water any plants if needed, etc.


JPC will be closed on government holidays and if the government closes due to inclement weather. If you need a walk, visit or overnight done on one of those days, there will be a one time $15 fee. If the holiday falls on a weekend you will only be charged the holiday fee.


Payment is due on or before the date of first service each month. Invoice reminders will be sent a week before payment is due. Payment can be in the form of a check written out to “Jenuine Pet Care”, Venmo @jenuinem, Cash App $jenuinem, Zelle 7036260587, Apple Pay or cash. 


Pricing will be determined depending upon what kind of animal you have and the care required. 


Wake up: 8am-10am ($5 fee)

Morning: 10am-12pm or 11am-1pm

Mid-day: 12pm-2pm or 1pm-3pm

Afternoon: 2pm-4pm or 3pm-5pm

Dinner: 5pm and later ($5 fee)


                                LENGTH                                     DAILY RATES          MONTHLY (M-F) RATES

20-minutes                                       $13                                      $234

                                Two 20-minute visits                  $23                                      $414

                                30-minutes                                       $18                                      $324

                                45-minutes                                       $25                                      $450

                       Overnights                         $50 (occasional client)            $45 (monthly client)

Extra Cat(s): $3 extra per visit or $40 flat with the monthly package. $3 extra per overnight.


Below you will find Jenuine Pet Care's services and pricing. We want you to feel safe and comfortable while you are away.

Some price changes in cat care and overnights beginning March 1, 2021.


                                           LENGTH                        DAILY RATES                   MONTHLY (M-F) RATES

20-minutes                                      $15.50                                 $280

                                     Two 20-minute walks               $25.50                                 $560

                                     30-minutes                                      $20.50                                 $370

                                     Two 30-minute walks               $40.50                                 $730

                                     45-minutes                                      $30.50                                 $550

                                     60-minutes                                      $40.50                                 $730

                                     60-minute dog park                   $40.50                                 $730

                        Overnights                        $65 (occasional client)           $60 (monthly client)

Extra Dog(s): $3 extra per walk or $50 flat with the monthly package. $5 extra per overnight.