Meet Nelly the super happy and hyper three-year-old Goldendoodle. She loves to chase birds and squirrels whenever she goes on a walk. She even carries her toys or sticks along our her walks. Nelly will always greet you at the door with her tail wagging a mile a minute and tons of kisses. She's been with us for a couple months now and we couldn't be more happy to have her apart of the family! 

This is Summer (left), Sammy (middle), Bruin (all black) and Midnight (cat). They're all a bit older but are still just as driven as they were when they were pups. and Midnight is an indoor and outdoor cat that is trained to come inside when you ring a bell! They're a pleasure to take care of. 

Here you'll see Jenuine Pet Cares family. We love these animals as if they were our own.

*Page was last updated July 8, 2019.*

Meet Ginny the three-year-old adopted dog from Japan! This little girl has had quite the journey but she is as nice as can be! She's more comfortable around women versus men but we are working with her daily to get her comfortable around everyone. Her bark is bigger than her bite for sure as she will lick you to death when you first arrive. She loves trying to chase birds and squirrels and is extremely treat driven. 

This is Bode (top) and Dash, brothers from different mothers. Dash is exactly like his name, he runs all around the house playing fetch and is always ready to cuddle. Bode is more laid-back and is mainly looking forward to eating and lounging around the house. They're both indoor cats but Dash tends to hangout by the windows trying to chase the birds. Dash has webbed feet and a shorter tail than normal cats. They're both sweethearts.

Meet Stud (left) the year old german shepard/pit/lab mix  who is full of energy. He loves to play with three-year-old Jojo (right) whenever they go out for walks. We usually end up at the dog park (their favorite place to be) and they can finally let loose. They both love to cuddle. You can always count on them to protect each other and whoever is around. Jojo has been around Stud since he was 8 weeks old. 

This is Lucy the three-year-old already retired show dog. She might be scared of loud noises but she'll cuddle on the couch with you in a heartbeat. Her favorite treat is actually whipped cream! She doesn't mind being outside as long as there are no planes or cars around. 

Happy Clients

This is Sandy the fifteen-year-old Vizsla. She is such a sweetheart who will eat just about anything that's offered to her! Since she's so old, she enjoys exploring her huge wooded backyard and sniffing around. It's been nice relaxing with her this past year. 

This is Dany (as in Daenerys from Game of Thrones) and her new brother Taco. Dany is a few years older and they're still warming up to each other but they're both as sweet as they can be! Taco is a huge cuddle bug while Dany will give you her full attention when it comes time to eat. We can't wait to see how big Taco is going to get and how close they'll become!

Meet Stella the six-month old Boxer/Lab mix newly adopted by Jen. She is extremely treat motivated and will always stay by your side. She loves to cuddle and play with her sisters Sadie and Bailey. 

Meet two-year-old Rosie and twelve-year-old Daisy. Rosie is a purebred chocolate lab. She's full of energy and is extremely treat motivated. Daisy, although she's a bit older, she loves to hang around outside just watching the animals come by. Daisy does show her age when it comes to walks to lucky for her she has a big backyard to spend time in. Rosie on the other hand loves going for walks and runs at any hour.

Henry (top left), Mr. Moto (right), Henry (bottom left)

Meet Bentley the pug and his brother from another mother Ayden.  These boys are so fun to be around and always greet you with tons of cuddles and kisses. They both enjoy wandering in the woods around their house that they would rather do that than go on a walk. 

This is Roman the three-year-old Corgi mix. You'll never catch him without his tail wagging. He goes crazy for his treats and runs all over the house showing it off. For as hyper as he is, he walks perfectly on his leash and never pulls. He loves to say hi to other dogs and people, especially kids! 

Meet Sammy (left) and Cali (right). They're both adopted but Sammy is a couple years older and Cali was just adopted back in 2018! They get along so well with each other, it was the perfect fit. Cali may be younger but Sammy can always keep up with her. They both love going after squirrels too. We're excited to spend more time with them!

Meet Lucy the twelve-year-old Beagle and her adopted brother Dempsey. Lucy likes to hang on the couch with people while Dempsey likes to explore what food he can reach from the countertops. They're both a joy to be around. Dempsey even sleeps with you, his head right next to yours. Biggest cuddle bug! Lucy is close by minding her business. 

This is Balto, the four-year-old surprisingly mellow pure breed Siberian Husky. We haven't known him for very long but every day we get closer and learn more about him. He loves to chase birds and mice but is a very good listener. Balto also really enjoys belly rubs and any attention when you first meet him.

This is GusGus the sweetest indoor and outdoor cat we've had the pleasure of taking care of. He never strays far from home. He'll stay by your side as soon as you arrive constantly purring. His favorite past time besides wandering around outside is dinner time. GusGus loves his food and treats. We can't wait to get to know him better!

Meet Jester (left) and Mickey (right) the cute eleven- year-old French Bulldog brothers who were rescues. They both love their after walk treats and sunbathing when it's nice out. They're extremely friendly and will always be at the door to greet you when you walk inside. Mickey is usually the line leader but Jester is never far behind.

This is Lacey the adorable seven-year-old mix. She loves going for walks or exploring the woods in her backyard. She'll say hi to anyone she meets. Lacey also is always excited for her "after walk" treat. We're excited to stay with her more!


Meet Charlie the eleven-year-old Cocker Spaniel who clearly loves to play fetch. You wold never know he's eleven by the way that he runs and acts. He's the newest member of Jenuine Pet Care as of September 2018. He'll greet you right at the door and take you to his favorite spots outside. He'll sniff around for hours if he had it his way. He's also very treat motivated. We are excited to spend more time with him!

Meet Reggie (left) and Mac (right) the closest brothers who do everything at the same time. We haven't been walking them for very long but we've learned so far that they love to explore and are extremely treat motivated. We can't wait to get to know them better!

Max (left) Bella (right)

This is Pepper the twenty-two-year-old black cat and his sister Little Kitty. Pepper bounces around from bed to bed throughout the day and night but will never turn down a treat. Meanwhile, Little Kitty will stay by your side, whether you are in the bedroom or in the living room, she's with you. She also loves her treats but loves being by your side even more.

Meet thirteen-year-old Shadow (black lab) and three-year-old Sadie (husky). They're Jen's fur babies who are so full of love and energy. Shadow loves her treats and Sadie loves destroying all the toys she's given. Despite their age difference, they get along great!

Meet Jen's newest addition of her personal pet family Bailey. She was born back in July 2017 and is just a bundle of joy. She sleeps with Jen every night and likes to lay in the dryer and windowsills. She gets along great with Jens dogs Sadie and Shadow. So well that she acts more like a dog than a cat.